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Beginning in about 2012, the Lord began working in my soul about “preaching out,” and for about five years, I took between four and eight meetings per year.  In 2016, the Lord’s leading became clearer and more urgent that I was to begin praying and planning to travel in itinerant revival and conference work full-time. 

Since September 2019, the Lord of Harvest has taken us to fourteen states and Canada to labor in revivals, Bible and missions conferences, summer camps, Christian college block classes and chapel services, and get-acquainted services, as well as series of meetings devoted to men, couples, ministry families, and youth.

My wife Kathryn and I have a great passion to encourage pastors in their ministries, to help individual believers experience revival and answers to prayer, and to help churches see genuine revival.  Our hearts long to see the believing saints become faith-filled and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  We believe that too many of the children of God are just surviving when they could be reviving and thriving in their Christian journeys.

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