Harvest Baptist Church

​516 E. Jamestown Rd, Greenville, PA 16125

Harvest Baptist Church is a Christ-centered, family-focused ministry designed to meet the spiritual needs of modern society with the unchanging truths of God’s Word.

We believe that the practical preaching and teaching of God’s Word, Christ-honoring, heart-felt music centered around the great hymns and gospel songs of the faith, family-centered fellowship and other such ministries that draw attention to the Savior, Jesus Christ, is the formula that will bring victory into the life of each one today.

We believe that the answers to all of life’s questions are found in the eternal Word of God, including the greatest question...“Where will you spend eternity?”

It is our goal to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to a lost world and share with them the way of salvation, to equip God's people to live godly in an ungodly world, and to awaken Christians to a reality that salvation can be enjoyed, not just endured.

We invite you to join us as we enjoy the abundant life promised to us in God’s Word!